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We save wood already during construction

by dailymoney

Everyone knows that in construction without wood in any way. Even during the construction of monolithic houses, a beam and boards are used for formwork device. Wooden housing construction stands on the construction market with a separate segment, which has many companies operate for providing.

As a rule, sawmills supply the entire range of lumber to the construction sites. The incoming timber and the board have a natural level of humidity, and if dry material is needed, then it is pre -dried in drying chambers. Pilomaterials with natural moisture are used in general hosting work, dry beam goes to the wall set, and the board for the rafter system. During operation, the advantages of dry lumber that have 8-12% of the humidity become obvious. They are not deformed, they will not be fragmented, and they do not crack, but this is very important if it comes to details and nodes carrying a large load. If you need products with high quality parameters, glued beams are taken. These are strong and reliable products having a very complex production.

To begin with, the wood undergoes hard quality control. A board with rot, rejoicing, cutter, black dead knots, falling knots, traces of the tree and bark beetle leaves for marriage. The board must have the necessary geometric parameters that are verified to a millimeter. The past selection is sent to dry chambers, where it is dried in a special drying mode (depending on the type of product) 7-8 days. After that, the board falls into the second stage of selection. At this level, it is important that the entire board has approximately the same humidity level (no more than 5% of the discrepancy) other than the gluing will be of poor quality. For this, each board is checked by a moisture meter, and if there are deviations, it is sent to leisure. After that, the boards are strict in size, and the workpiece (lamel) is obtained. Lamels milling from the ends and make mini spikes so that on the fraining line you can dial the required length of the parts (from 2 to 12 m). After the workpiece is glued along the length, it must be laid in the press and gain the necessary height of the future part. The product after pressing is glued beam, which is stored and prepared for a string that is necessary to level its geometry (during the pressing of the edge of the lamella can begin). After strict, glued beam is ready.

Finished buildings and products should be saved. Pilomaterial can be deteriorated even at the production stage if it is subject to the formation of the fungus (and sits down). It is best to leave such material on a pilram, and it will be terrible if it gets to the construction site. Finished designs and products must be impregnated with a fireproof composition. Today, the best means of this series is the fiery protection composition of the pyrilax for wood. It corresponds to the first group of fire resistance NPB 251-98 at a consumption of 360 grams. per 1 sq. Mm, and, moreover, is a good antiseptic.

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