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What paint to choose for walls in an apartment?

by dailymoney

An excellent alternative to wallpapers can be interior paint, which can be used to decorate the walls in any room of an apartment or house. What to look for when choosing paint for staining walls in the apartment?

There are several types of paint that are used to paint walls in rooms. Therefore, when choosing a paint, it is necessary to focus on which room it will be applied.

Before you purchase a paint, you should thoroughly align the surface of the wall that will need to be painted. If any cracks or unevenness remain on the wall, they will be clearly visible on the painted surface. No spots should remain on the wall, frozen drops of glue, the remains of the back of the old wallpaper. First you need to remove the old coatings completely, then clean the walls of dust and dirt, only then you can level them.

After these works, you can start choosing and acquiring paint for walls in certain rooms of an apartment or house.

The choice of colors, I must say, is very diverse, but the most popular is a water -based emulsion. It is most often used to stain walls in residential premises, in particular, in the bedroom, children’s room. Water emulsion paint dries very quickly, does not emit heavy and very harmful vapors, it is easily diluted with water.

Such paint lies on the surface of the walls excellent, as a result, a homogeneous and very even coating is obtained. You can apply a water emulsion to plaster, wood-steering plates, porous, concrete, stone and wooden foundations. The only surface for which water -based paint is not suitable, metal.

The advantages of water -based paint are that when staining the walls, a steam is formed – and the breathable film is formed, due to which the microclimate in the room improves largely, since the walls continue to “breathe”.

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Living rooms can be painted and textured paint. This coating allows you to hide all small wall defects reliably, for example, irregularities, chips, cracks. Therefore, there is no need to thoroughly prepare the walls in front of such a color.

The textured paint contains a variety of fillers, for example, quartz sand or small wood sawdust.

Walls in the toilet, in the kitchen and in the bathroom can be painted with oil paint, which has excellent moisture repellent properties. The surface painted with oil paint can be washed using soft household products. Oil paints form a very strong film on the surface of the walls, thanks to which repeated staining can be avoided for eight years.

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