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When to repair household appliances, and when to change?

by dailymoney

Is it advisable to repair a refrigerator, plate, washing machine and other household appliances or do you need to immediately change them? In what cases to apply for help to the repair service, and when to look for a store that gives discounts on new equipment for bringing old equipment?

In fact, the question of the feasibility of repairing household appliances affects many, especially if they ask to give half the price of a new analogue for repairs. In general, the cost of repairing household appliances, as a rule, is 20-30% of the replacement price.

As a rule, if the repair costs more than half of the cost of replacement, and provided that the equipment is already more than six years, you need to buy a new equipment. Nevertheless, note that it is precisely the price of replacement. It is necessary to calculate not only the price of the device itself, but also the price of its delivery and installation, as well as the price of disposal of old equipment. The total cost can be higher than you calculate, and in this case, perhaps, you should not refuse the idea of ​​repair too quickly.

Each type of household appliance has a service life. For example, despite the fact that in the houses of many people there are still refrigerators purchased in the last century, the refrigerator should serve for about 13 years. If it breaks after this period, then it definitely needs to be changed. Moreover, the probable price of the repair of an old refrigerator may be higher due to the fact that the details for it have long become a rarity. But if the refrigerator is dear to you, you can still call the masters, and they will not need to replace the details.

As for other devices, the dishwasher lasts about 9 years, freezers – about 11 years, gas stoves – about 15 years, washing machines – about 10 years, dryers for clothes – about 13 years.

Before you spend money on buying a new device or calling the master, ask yourself the right questions, including, make sure that you yourself do not understand why the device has failed. Remember what event the breakdown happened, look in the operating instructions (if you lost them, then look for them on the Internet).

Then try to look for cases of breakdown on the Internet like your. If you do not find a solution, you can find a hypothetical problem without calling the master. And even more so, you can independently try several basic solutions to the problem. However, you should not disassemble the equipment yourself. Without the help of a specialist, use only those solutions to the problem that will definitely not aggravate it.

Another way not to call the master (so as not to pay for his services just like that) is to call the repair companies and find out if they repair the refrigerators of your model. Perhaps you will be told by phone what are the most common causes of breakdown, based on the “symptoms” described by you described.

In fact, repair of household appliances is really cheaper than buying a new. However, if you feel that you have an obsolete technique that already looks unattractive, functions with malfunctions and is extremely ineffective, then you can use the unexpected breakdown as a sign and replace the equipment.

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