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Where to live well in St. Petersburg?

by dailymoney

The crisis retreated, and the consumers again increased interest in real estate. The purchase of new buildings is again in demand, but it is worth noting that the buyer has become wiser and now knows the true cost of housing, and what, in fact, he himself wants. Aquatern offers apartments in new houses at affordable prices, and living in the Leningrad region is, in fact, the same as in St. Petersburg itself, only better.

What are the benefits? The fact that you are leaving the borders of a noisy city, while remaining in close proximity to it. You will be surrounded by stunningly beautiful nature, clean air, and if you wish, you can always sit on a minibus, and after 15 minutes to find yourself at the metro station. The residential complex called “Harmony” offered by Aquatern is located in the region, in the village of Koltushi. This is a quiet and picturesque place, however, the active development of the village is constantly developing.

There are kindergartens and schools, shops and places for relaxation, there is parking on the territory of the residential complex itself, it is planned to build a full -fledged two -tier underground parking lot. The village is located only 7 km from St. Petersburg, if you have your own car, you can get to the city in almost 10 minutes. Of the additional advantages of the Harmony residential complex, it is worth noting the availability of repairs in apartments. We are accustomed to the fact that now real estate in new buildings goes on sale, not ready for settlement, and additional investments in repair and finishing often significantly increase the cost of the apartment.

In the Harmony Housing complex, all apartments are erected “turnkey”: finishing, the necessary plumbing – all this is, and you can settle down as soon as the keys are given in your hands. What quality repair and equipment? You can find out about this with those who already live in this residential complex. Last year, the first house was commissioned, at the end of this year it is planned to put into operation and the second structure. If you plan to celebrate the New Year and the housewarming at the same time, it is time to buy real estate.

Having decided to buy an apartment in the Leningrad region, visit several objects. It is likely that you can appreciate the advantages of the Harmony residential complex in comparison with other proposals. To date, further construction of the complex itself is underway, the village is also developing. This creates some inconvenience (it is impossible, for example, to see how the courtyard territory will look at the end of construction). At the same time, prices are still low, although their growth is a matter of time.

Aquatern is selling apartments in the Leningrad region for almost 10 years. You can see the result of the work of the builders of this company, read reviews and chat with those who already live in the purchased apartments of the Harmony residential complex. To become the owner of a high -quality inexpensive apartment in an environmentally friendly corner is a reality. Just contact the company and you will be shown an immovable object of interest to you at a convenient time.

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