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Why do foreigners check Greek real estate online

by marusia

Americans, Germans and Chinese use the service most often. What happened? For the first time in 40 years of operation of the “Objective determination of the value of real estate” system, citizens are now given the opportunity to immediately receive information about the value of real estate in Greece through the application valuemaps.gov.gr .

Why is this important? The system has already been used not only by Greeks, but also by thousands of citizens from other countries who are interested in investing in Greece. “Golden visas” and the prospect of short-term rentals seem to stimulate demand.

Numbers. According to the information, in January and February 2023, 44,490 people used the application, of which 3,500 were from countries such as Germany (420), China (331), the United Kingdom (347), the United States (490) and even Japan.

In fact, in the period from September 2022 to February 2023, the system served several million search queries and calculations of the value of real estate made by more than 130,000 different users, of which 10,000 were from abroad.

Who uses it? The data shows that the application was most often used by expatriates from the USA, Germans, Chinese and British, as well as interested persons from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Bermuda.

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