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Wooden houses projects – all about them

by dailymoney

Many companies offer to invest their funds in the construction of wooden houses. Previously, this direction of investment was considered unpromising. Now the desires of people have changed, I want to live closer to nature in an environmentally friendly house.

Each business begins with a work plan. The first point of which is the creation of a project of the future building. Any company when addressing it with a question about design will show wooden houses, projects of which will be displayed in standard documentation.

Having examined all the proposed copies, you must decide on the choice of design option. A typical project is cheaper, more reliable than individual, but like everyone else. If you are not attractive and calmly about the fact that your house will look like others and few money, feel free to order a typical project.

You need to pay attention to what soils you will build your house. If this is Russia, then the soils are very not reliable here. Often after frosts they are subject to swelling, which leads to skew, cracks in the house.

Oddly enough, one way out – you can’t bury the foundation deep into the ground, therefore, when you agree with a typical project, choose a typical strip of 30-40 centimeters depth. This is the best option. And will significantly reduce your expenses.

When you are given a ready -made project for your future brainchild, carefully check that the documents are attached:

one. Specification, which combines the elements of sets of walls distributed according to the axes, it necessarily shows the volumes in physical units that are needed to calculate expenses (estimate). In the future, this document will allow you to control the progress of construction;

2. A list of elements of wall sets with attached drawings of elements and their sizes. You will make sets in drawings faster and will be imported in turn each crown one after another;

3. There should be drawings in which the walls are deployed along the project axes. This very shortens the assembly of wall structures;

four. Be sure to demand a plan for his crowns for the home. You understand the builders too, horizontal assembly, level at the level;

5. Documentation showing the optimal use of building materials, minimizing waste.

If you ordered the work of the turnkey company, then it is logical and the purchase of all materials to order them.

Houses built of wood can be different. As in Odessa they say, any whim for your money.

You can get acquainted with so many projects, there are enough of them on the Internet. Wooden houses Projects photos – the main thing is to know what you want, otherwise you can get lost in the presented diversity.

But there is a more civilized way, you think over the request, clearly indicating the parameters you need (price, larch, construction region, what windows, doors, etc. D.), the search engine will sort it in the right order what is desired.

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