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All the splendor of styles

by dailymoney

The heart of any housewife is overwhelmed with pride when her guests sincerely admire the interior of her home, called the beautiful word “interior”. It is unlikely that there is a person who is completely indifferent to comfort and comfort, and the older we become, the more it is appreciated, so it makes sense to get acquainted a little closer to the features of the interior.

The word itself has French roots (intérieur) and translates as “internal” – the most accurate translation of the text from any language will provide a qualified translation bureau, that is, the interior is called the design of the interior. This includes almost everything that is in your apartment or house: floor and ceiling, walls, doors and windows, staircases and furniture, curtains, household appliances and all, all in the rooms. The choice of interior style means the selection of color and decoration, manufacturing materials, shapes of objects, and so on.

There are a great many styles: some appear and disappear in a couple of years, others live hundreds of years. The latter refers, for example, the country of country, which is also called the village style. It is distinguished by the simplicity and some roughness of objects: an uncomplicated geometrically correct furniture, simple colorful curtains, many cute trinkets. Country – cozy, environmentally friendly (all objects are made of natural materials) and very “warm” style. The Modern option has introduced into our homes the feeling of streamlines and smoothness of the lines, compared to country, it is more elegant and diverse.

If there are arches, columns, expensive wooden furniture with carvings in the apartment or house, and all the elements are richly decorated and not very constructive, it means that you have a typical renaissance. If the owner gives a noticeable preference to products of glass, metal, concrete, if all the furniture has perfect geometric shapes, and only white, black or pastel creamy shades are present from all the variety of color scheme-then you are in the room of a fan of the high-tech style. You can learn more about this fashionable course on foreign -language thematic sites, and the same search engine will help translate the text.

Minimalists save their housing from all unnecessary details, enjoying the freedom of space and optimistic light tones, “eclecticics” – on the contrary, try to decorate the room with numerous intricate decorative elements, bright colors and upholstered furniture. This is far from the entire list of possible options – the British and Japanese, Scandinavians and residents of Africa offer their ideas (African style, by the way, is considered one of the most dynamic and aggressive). In addition, no one canceled classicism with its majesty, graceful Empire, lush baroque or exquisite and slightly gloomy Gothic. And what is the style in your apartment?

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