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Build a house from a beam with our own hands

by dailymoney

Any city dweller probably dreams of a cozy of his own country house. Moreover, living in the city line in panel and monolithic houses, the townspeople wish their small house in the village to be made of environmental materials, namely from wood. Suburban real estate gives particularly valuable freedom in the form of independence from utilities, lack of noisy neighbors, spaciousness for each family member and enjoyment of proximity to nature.

Not experiencing cash difficulties can quickly erect or purchase suburban real estate with the help of specialized construction companies. What to do if you want to save? You can, for example, try to build a house from a beam with your own hands. The task is difficult, but quite feasible.

Firstly, here you need to decide on the place for the construction of the house. Next, you need to order a project of your new home. It is best to choose an architect on the advice of friends, acquaintances, and those who were a real customer from the recommended specialist.

You can make all the stages of construction completely independently from the design to the selection of plumbing equipment, or use the services of a company that will offer a ready -made approved project and even a disassembled design. In this case, you can build a wooden house from a beam with your own hands according to the most simplified scheme in which you collect your house like a constructor using an action plan and marking the bars. You will not even need a large special tool, since, for example, cuts on the bars will already be prepared.

The advantages of this method of building houses are many. This is saving your time, nerves and effort, and minimizing risks to be mistaken, and reducing the construction period of a maximum of three months. At the same time, the project is the concentration of the experience of previous construction and the most common wishes of customers, so everything will be thought out in it – from thermal insulation to sewer wiring of pipes.

Independent construction of a house from scratch is only suitable for the chosen. It is necessary to have certain skills in building buildings or still resort to the services of professionals when performing a number of work. One can erect a structure alone, but it is worth studying the technology in advance. Keep in mind that you have to work by the “layout” method. The layout is a preliminary collection of parts of the structure outside the building being built, and only after you make sure that all the bars are suitable for each other, you need to disassemble this part and collect again in the right place of the house under construction. It will take a lot of time to cut the grooves, which is why the construction time will stretch additionally up to six months.

Nevertheless, a house from timber with your own hands has a number of essential advantages: the cost of construction is reduced by half, work is carried out according to the graphics that suits you and at a convenient pace. The independently erected house will be full of your energy, individuality, comfort! That is, it will be exactly what you have planned.

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