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Installing new windows

by dailymoney

After the customer is determined with the company or company that will install plastic windows to him, the process of preparatory work begins. A master or technical manager comes from this company, who makes measurements. If the company is asked to do this customer, then you cannot agree to it. After all, what windows were not, although the plastic windows of the century or another high -quality brand, incorrectly made windows of windows can lead to the fact that they will be either small or large. This means that the windows will not qualitatively perform their direct functions, or you will have to do additional work so that the installation occurs, as it should be.

If measurements are incorrectly made, then this can affect other processes of work, the same installation of plastic slopes, so it is better to trust all the work of the company’s employees.

Therefore, if an employee arrives, then he is engaged in a direct business that he must fulfill, that is, to make measurements and stipulate all the details of cooperation and the provision of services. It is very good when an agreement or contract is concluded, where all parts and technical aspects are prescribed, for example, plastic windows of the eyelids will be installed, that the company will provide such and such services. The more detailed information in the contract or contract, the easier it is to then control the situation to the customer.

After all, if the contract indicates that the installation of plastic slopes is included in the responsibility of the company, then the company will not be able to say that it will not do it, or they are not provided here. If this happens, that is, a significant argument for recalculating the cost of work.

The process of installing windows itself is quite simple, although only those employees who do this professionally can say this. Typically, installation begins with the fact that old windows are removed, as a rule, wooden. It is advisable to do this as accurately as possible, since further work depends on this. If experts are professionals, then they extract old windows quite neatly, bringing minimal harm and minimal damage to the walls, plaster.

After the old windows are extracted, work begins on the installation of windows, regardless of which grade of the window, whether it be plastic windows of the century or other brand. Everything goes according to a long -tagged scheme: first the window frame is installed, it is carefully attached to the wall, then the window openings are installed along with the glasses.

After that, with special substances, which allow you to quickly and most qualitatively close all the cracks that will occur in the process, between the window and the wall. Usually, it is not recommended to touch it within one day, that is, to open the windows so as not to violate the integrity of the structure. But the installation of plastic slopes is recommended when the design is well striking. After that, it is quite easy to work with slopes, while not afraid to break the just installed window.

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